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    Unanswered: Identify a text Database

    I have been banging my head on this for a few weeks now and thought I would start asking around. I have an unidentified database structure that I would like to be able to convert back and forth between a csv or excel file.
    In excel the format would look like this:

    0 1 4
    433 31 40
    434 51 46


    Any help in identifying or pointing me in the right direction of a conversion program would be very very helpful.

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    Suggest you provide more detail . . .

    It is not at all clear what you want from this tiny bit of "stuff" that you have.

    FWIW - a csv file is directly importable into Excel - but i suspect this is not the issue.

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    Print a portion (at least the first few records, and the last) of the unknown database in hexadecimal (use debug) and then patiently determine which characters are data, and which are field/record separators.
    Some features that may make your life difficult:
    the data is compressed; "0000000000" is stored as 10x0
    the numeric fields are stored as binary
    the data is encrypted
    the data is encoded; 0=black, 1=yellow, 2=red, 8=white
    the data is stored as ordered pairs; cell1=25, cell4=30 (cell 2 and 3 are presumed zero or null)
    The first block of data in the file may also be the structure, not the data, also if there are indexes, these may also be part of the file.
    There may also be a label record; may contain copyright info, date/time last change, number of records etc.

    If you can, create an empty file and see what is stored, then add 1 record and dump the file to hex again.
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    "Identify a text Database" "I have an unidentified database structure"

    Lets begin by saying that it does not appear as though you have a DATABASE at all - just text files which contain some data that you would like to use/manipulate.

    But NOTE - the data sample you have shown is NOT CSV (Comma Separate Variable) format. It is Text which is Space (or possibly Tab) formated.

    And since your forum 'Handle' is BadFoxpro, I assume that you have some Foxpro/Visual Foxpro experience.

    If so, manipulating the data from text files in the format you show is pretty easy depending on the version of Foxpro/Visual Foxpro you might be using.

    "to be able to convert back and forth between a csv or excel file."

    Read the data into a FP/VFP data table from the Text file in one format and then use the COPY TO command to output it in the other format.

    Good Luck

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