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    Unanswered: trying to make my first Append Query

    Hey everyone:

    Please see attached

    I am trying to use an append query to transfer the value of two dates stored in two unbound textboxes on a form to a table that contains two fields.

    Code first transfers values to the unbound textboxes and then is supposed to further transfer these values to a table using the append query.

    Looks like I have one or more syntax problems with the query.

    Any guidence on this would be greatly appreciated.

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    Solved it

    My first mistake was using the "Builder" to fill out the append query. Won't make that mistake again.

    Code that is working for me now is:

    INSERT INTO tParameterDates ( StartDate, EndDate )
    SELECT [Forms]![f700PickAWeek]![SundayStartDate], [Forms]![f700PickAWeek]![SaturdayEndDate];

    My thanks to everyone out there that took a look at this.

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    Glad you got it working! While the Access Wizards are a handy shortcut, and do a good job, in most cases, the 'Builders' have always been more confusing than helpful, to me, and I abandoned them about three days into my programming career!

    Good luck with your project!

    Luck ;0)>
    Hope this helps!

    The problem with making anything that fools are so darn ingenious!

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    Gotta love the builder!

    How do you love the way all of the 'windows' inside that thing are little postage stamp sized windows?

    Someday Bill Gates will make those windows a little bigger and take the shackels off of us Access users (buying the next version of Access required).

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