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    Unanswered: Recalculating controls in a Subform

    I do not even know how to explain this one, so I have attchd a (much pared down ) version
    The idea is to calculate delivery costs and apportion.
    Problem is the values can't be calculated until all the records for that subform are in
    So this works if the user is prepared to enter deliveries in the subform and then go back to the start (the first record) and tab right through to the end of the last record (not really acceptable)
    I have my calc controls recalc in the subform as I go but because I write the values to the table as I go through the subform once I move to the next subform record the value does not update
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    Quote Originally Posted by libraccess View Post

    ...I have my calc controls recalc in the subform as I go...
    As I asked on the other forum, 'How?' To recalculate derived Fields on a Form you would use simply use the Command


    and a search of your code does not find this anywhere. It can be placed anywhere within the code of the Form, or Form the Subform is based on, and will re-calculate all values on that Form.

    Linq ;0)>
    Hope this helps!

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