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    Question Unanswered: 64-bit machine and Win 7 with EM

    We don't get to choose the environment all the time. I have a situation were I have windows 7 on 64 bit machine and I need to load the OEM for management purposes. I'm told there are issue with this install but it can be done. Does, anyone have this setup?

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    no Oracle product is certified on an Home Edition of Windows.

    >Does, anyone have this setup?
    answer depends upon which Edition of Windows 7 you have.
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    I am running Enteprise Manager Console (the java client one) on Win7 64bit. No issues yet.
    We are using OEM (the 32bit one) on 64bit Windows Server 2008. Haven't had any visible problems yet, but I can see errors in alert logs.
    If you setting up for dev env, you should be fine; production, you may run into trouble.

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    You may get an error message during the installation along the lines of "this version of windows is invalid". If you do, amend the oraparam.ini file in the "Install" folder by adding 6.1 to the end of the "Windows=" line, then retry.
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