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    Unanswered: Dirty event not working

    When i use the form's dirty event to switch some cmd buttons to disable, in some forms i find that it does not work though the code is the same. Once i move the record up one or down then it works. What would cause that to happen? :s thank

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    Did you get an error message? My guess is that the control that you were trying to disable had the focus. If that's the case give the focus to something else before you try to disable it. You'll need to elaborate on your sistuation for a better answer.

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    You really need to give a better explanation of exactly what you're trying to do, here! You sound as if you expect the formatting of the Controls to stay Record-specfic, as you move from Record-to-Record, but you cannot do that with the OnDirty event.

    Using the OnDirty event you can only Disable Controls until you move to another Record, and they must be Enabled, again, each time you do that. Is there something other than the Record being Dirty that dictates whether these Controls are Disabled or not, such as whether some Control is populated?

    Also, the OnDirty event does not even exist if the Form is Unbound.

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