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    Unanswered: front end and back end

    I want to make a website for my project and i do not know how to connect my back-end part of database to my frontend using VB or PHP.i need evrything from basics. if anybody knws this then plz reply to this thread .Thanks

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    VB connections to MySQL are usually doen throigh ODBC, but possibly this can help

    PHP connections to MySQL are usually done throgh an appropriate library / class mechanism such as MySQLi or PDO, but possibly this may help

    but specifically this

    If you are creating a website then you'd be better off using a web technology such as PHPO rather than VB (or the more recent VB.NET). AS to which webscripting language you choose thats up to you. it could be PHP, ASP.NET, HTML, AJAX PERL and god knows what else, there is a lot of choice out there
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    reply to post

    thanks for your reply
    bt i have to use VB only ..its for my college project.
    bt thanks for ur help!

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    then why in your original post did you ask about PHP?

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