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    Unanswered: Two Versions of MySQL on same server

    Has anyone installed two different versions of MySQL on the same server? I am setting up a Sandbox server to test a MySQL upgrade from 5.1.47 to 5.5. I need to have both versions installed. Can I install both versions using RPM or do I need to use another option?

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    Unfortunately RPM's will attempt to install each one in a default directory on your server. As a result if you install one version it will be overwritten when you install a second server. I have setup my own sandbox and what I do is use some virtualization software and create multiple virtual servers running on my large server. I would not recommend having more than 2 servers running simultaneously as this will use up most of your system resources. On each virtual server you can have different versions of OS or even different OS's with different versions of MySQL.
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    you can't have the 2 versions it's always 1 version that can be installed..

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