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Thread: DB2 Defaults

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    Unanswered: DB2 Defaults

    I'm new but I want to get a simple answer I can't seem to find.

    there are two columns in my table that relate to one another.
    when the table is built column A default is "N" Boolean or String value.
    Column B is default 0 smallint value.

    Now if when loading the table or updating it; the value in Column A changes; say to "Y" (as the values for this field are only Y and N) want the default to change to 99.

    That is if a Y is imported into column A i can't have a default of 0 the default has to be 99, but a different number could be imported other than say 66.

    but I'm not sure how to accomplish this outcome.

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    Try a BEFORE Trigger.


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