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    Unanswered: subform has focus?

    I have an Invoice info m/f from a select query with 4 different s/f.
    The invoice(m/f) is chosen for 1 or more of 4 reasons in which I need these s/f's.......for example: to make a credit or a correction which becomes a many side record of this (1-side) invoice
    so any one of these can be used.........and they appear in order of importance.
    Since nothing is entered or altered in the (qry) m/f I had a setfocus to the first field of the first s/f...and I would just click away if I was not using that
    Private Sub Form_Open
    End Sub

    I recently had to add code to 2 of the s/f, including the first one sfADJ, to fill in a numeric value in the record source of the s/f
    1st one: Private Sub CMNO_GotFocus()
    Me.AACCT = [Forms]![frmINVMF]![tblCust31212.ACCT]
    End Sub
    3rd one: Private Sub FINVNO_GotFocus()
    Me.FACCT = [Forms]![frmINVMF]![tblCust31212.ACCT]
    End Sub

    adding that code made it so when I would open the m/f, the first s/f has focus so a record would be created and the control filled in per my code. I can't have that. I don't always need that s/f.

    To try to stop it, I put an unbound text box in the m/f I'm calling holder and setting the focus there so I can choose which s/f I want to go into.
    Private Sub Form_Open(Cancel As Integer)
    End Sub

    It does trigger, and access is also triggering the 1st s/f event, too. (Not the 3rd) I think it's because access automates itself to s/f's.......and I'm wondering if anyone has a fix for that? Do I have to shield the s/f's behind a tab page or, more simply, can I re-write the GotFocus on the 1st s/f so it only triggers when I need it to ?

    The goal is for none of the s/f's to "activate" unless I click into them and start a record, and for neither s/f GotFocus to trigger unless I click into them.

    Appreciate everyone assistance!

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    What, exactly, is tblCust31212.ACCT? It sounds as if you're trying to populate the Foreign Key on your Subform with the Primary Key from your Main Form; is that what you're doing?

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    Hope this helps!

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    Thanks for your response!

    Not exactly - a recent change in reporting is causing a need for this s/f to relate to m/f on 2 fields. But they are both foreign keys

    I start with a UQ called frmINVMF of INVNO and CIINVNO (these are 2 different types of invoices, from different tables)
    then I drop that into a select query to join it on tblCust31212.ACCT (which is customer number)...that is m/f
    m/f(query) = FROM tblCust31212 INNER JOIN frmINVMF ON tblCust31212.ACCT = frmINVMF.ACCT

    s/f(tblADJ) = tblADJ is related to tblInvoices on INVNO (foreign key/text) which is what I use for master and child links

    I went back because I find that I need a report of tblAdj on ACCT from tblCust31212, not INVNO from tblInvoices. I added AACCT to tblAdj and entered the ACCT numbers in the table (foreign key/number) *should this be named the same as it is in tblCust31212 (ACCT)?

    So when it comes to using the s/f, the relation to INVNO is okay because this tblADJ record is created through INVNO, but for reporting needs to be seen by ACCT.

    I don't have any experience with relating on more than 1 field. Maybe that is the problem? telling you the scenario this way made me realize that is what I am doing.
    Having used code to fill in controls before, I thought that would be a way to get the info in the table without the user typing.

    Is this totally backwards?

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