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    Unanswered: How to pen db2dart .rpt file

    Hi all,
    i generated db2dart output , it is around 2 GB , i tried using notepad, word pad and edit plus but i am unable to open it, please can you tell me any another way.........

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    Depending on what utilities you have available, you could break the file in more manageable pieces.

    You might also look into creating the file in pieces initially rather than one unmanagable lump.

    Lastly, there is code that will read a file of any size because the entire file does not need to be read all at once. One such product was SPF/PC (which has been renamed) and is not free (but an excellent product). Another that is free is APTDIFF. Used for file compairison, but will let you look at the contents of a file (i only use it for Hex, and don't recall if it does a "readable" presentation).
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