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    Unanswered: Changing NLS Lang in a oracle database

    Dear Support,

    Need some help on this.

    We have a oracle database 8.1.7 running since many years on Win-2000. We wanted to move the database on a newer machine running Win 2003.
    I made a cold backup of old database, installed the oracle database on the new machine and moved the data files from the old to the new server and imported the data dump on the new server.

    Everything was OK on the new oracle server except for the arabic characters in our oracle ERP application. I was getting junk characters instead of Arabic language.

    I then checked the Nls_database_parameters on both the server. The old database had nls_char= Ar8mswin1256 and the new database had We8iso8859p1. I then did the following in the new server:
    - Changed the character set (nls_char)in the new database to AR8mswin1256.
    - Changed the Nls Nchar set to Ar8mswin1256.
    - All above done by Alter database & so on command shut down, restart etc.
    I checked nls_database_parameters in the new server it was changed to Ar8mswin1256.

    I checked our applicatoin but still the junk characters are displaying instead of the Arabic characters..

    I then checked the registry of new oracle server. The value of Nls_lang is We8iso8859p1 where as the registry of old server had value of Nls_lang as Ar8mswin1256. I want to know the following:
    1. Can I change the value Nls_lang in registry of the new server to be Ar8mswin1256 instead of We8iso8859p1.
    2. Does changing this value of Nls_lang in registry to Ar8mswin1256 solve the problem of displaying junk characters instead of Arabic characters.

    3. Last but not the least does changing character conversion from We8iso8859p1 to Ar8mswin1256 do any harm to the new database I created. I heard this is not recommended.

    Appreciate your kind help on this. Sorry if anything not clear

    Regards, Mac

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    the only safe way to establish the DB characterset is at DB creation time.
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    Changing the NLS Lang in oracle database

    What about in the Registy of Oracle server? Can I change the NLS_Lang to Ar8mswin1256?
    Does it do any harm if i change the value?

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