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    Unanswered: Space of bold "word" in informix report

    hi, can someone help me why when i bold a word in the middle of sentence, there will be some spaces appear in between the words.

    LET bold_on = ASCII 27, ASCII 69

    LET txt16 = hp_bold_on,"Appendix A",hp_bold_off

    i use CLIPPED to combined the text with other.

    however, the output will not be as expected.
    i don't know why there are some spaces before and after the bold word.

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    I think you should do like this:

    LET txt16 = hp_bold_on clipped, "Appendix A", hp_bold_off clipped

    You do not need to create an variable to do this... you can also do:

    LET txt16 = ASCII 27 clipped, ASCII 69 clipped,
    "Appendix A",

    Hope it works

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    effectively, you need to clip the hp_bold variable, else the whole variable contents(ascii 27 + ascii 69 + spaces) will be printed, according to the length of the hp_hbold variable.

    Using variables to define printer escape sequences is a good way to handle different printers, avoiding lot of hard coding. Tons of 4GL programmers have used it successfully since the 80's, but don't forget to clip the variables

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