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    Unanswered: Comm#10 Envelope Size Problems

    I have Comm #10 envelope (4.18 x 9.5")

    My merged fields print well in the detail section and my return address in the upper left hand corner also prints well.

    However, Access (2003) will not allow printing beyond 8" to the right of the envelope. I'm losing 1.5 inches less a right margin.

    I need my bulk mail permit which would print well in the upper right hand corner.

    In the Page Layout I cannot place a margin on the right less of the envelope than 1.281 inches.

    How can I override the right margin setting of 1.281"?

    Thanks . . . Rick

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    Have you tried telling it that the page is 10.5" wide, and stacking the envelopes on the right of the intake? It's possibly not ideal, but I'm sure I've used that sort of trick before.
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