Job Details

Job Position: Project Manager
Duration: 13 +Months
Location: Jackson, Mississippi
Client: Mississippi Department of Education, Office of Child Nutrition (MDE, OCN)


Requirement Technical Skill Set Experience
4 Years Experience with the .Net development environment
5 Years Experience using SQL Server Databases, (SQL Server 2000 and later)
4 Years Experience with Crystal Report versions 9.0 and later
5 Years Experience using formal project management techniques and methodologies
4 Years Experience with Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7, and LAN Networks
4 Years Experience with Visual Studio
4 Years Experience with Windows server 2003 and later
4 Years Experience with IIS 6 and later

:Individual proposed must have the following business skills.

Requirement Business Skill Set Experience
No minimum requirement specified Ability to effectively communicate in English verbally and in writing
No minimum requirement specified Ability to interact with functional users and technical staff regarding business and information technology needs
No minimum requirement specified Ability to listen and solve problems
5 Years Formal experience in needs assessment, documentation of needs and a formal workflow process
5 Years Formal experience in requirements gathering and specifications development
3 Years Strong knowledge of business processes in order to advise the agency on possible alternatives to address business needs

:Individual proposed may be given additional consideration for the following skills.