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    Unanswered: SSRS 2008 - Range bar chart -The position of the data point is not proper when the da

    I have a range bar graph report –SSRS 2008. The position of the data point when the data value is zero should be on y axis. I have tried setting the BarLabelStyle properties but no luck. Please find below the screenshot of the report.
    When the data value is zero then the position of the data point should be at zero on y axis but currently the position is away from zero and is positioned at center of the series bar as shown. I am displaying confidence intervals low and high in a black series line and data value as orange dot. The position of the Orange dot is currently at center but it should be at the data value. When user mouse hovers on orange dot I am displaying low, high and values. Is this behavior happening because the data value is small? Any guidance on this issue will be appreciated. Also I am attaching the rdl file for better understanding.
    The properties I have used are as below.
    Chart Series properties:
    High=IIF(Avg(Fields!COMT_Age_Adj_Rate_UCL.Value)<0 ,0,Avg(Fields!COMT_Age_Adj_Rate_UCL.Value))
    Low=IIF(Avg(Fields!COMT_Age_Adj_Rate_LCL.Value)<0, 0,Avg(Fields!COMT_Age_Adj_Rate_LCL.Value))
    BGColor=IIF(Avg(Fields!COMT_Age_Adj_Rate.Value)<0, "White","Orange")
    Border color=IIF(Avg(Fields!COMT_Age_Adj_Rate.Value)<0,"W hite","orange")
    Border style = None
    Border width=IIF(Avg(Fields!COMT_Age_Adj_Rate.Value)<0,"0 pt","1pt")
    Color =IIF(Avg(Fields!COMT_Age_Adj_Rate.Value)<0,"Black" ,"Orange")
    Font Size =IIF(Avg(Fields!COMT_Age_Adj_Rate.Value)<0,"10pt", "3pt")
    Position = Auto
    Label = *
    Tooltip=Fields!County.Value & ": " & IIF(Avg(Fields!COMT_Age_Adj_Rate.Value)<0,"*",Avg( Fields!COMT_Age_Adj_Rate.Value)) & " (" & IIF(Avg(Fields!COMT_Age_Adj_Rate_LCL.Value)<0,"*", Avg(Fields!COMT_Age_Adj_Rate_LCL.Value)) & " - " & IIF(Avg(Fields!COMT_Age_Adj_Rate_UCL.Value)<0,"*", Avg(Fields!COMT_Age_Adj_Rate_UCL.Value))& ")"
    Custom Attributes
    PointWidth =0.5
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails ChartSeriesProperties.png   RangeBarDataPointPosition-Actual.png   RangeBarDataPointPosition-Expected.png   SampleData.png  
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