Greetings Everyone

I am trying to migrate a visual studio 2010 project from Access 2007 Sql server 2008.

I created a database in SQL2008 (via "Import Data" tasks) first and then "connected the database" via "Project/Properties" from Visual Studio.
(I also tested the connection)

But when I saved and executed the changes on web.config, it didn't work.
The project kept using the Access2007 database.
So I noticed that I have 2 web.config files

The first one was automatically modified by Visual Studio when I "connected the database".

The second Web.config is inside of the project's MemberPages folder.
That is where the data source to the Access2007 database was originally defined. So, I changed in information to reflect the new connection, and ran but I am getting an error that tells me that : the provider is not registered.

I would appreciate any help please, as I am not sure what is that I am doing wrong