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    Unanswered: DB2 select statement - prefix and append output with text

    Hi all,

    I am running DB2 v9.7.0.5 as the backend database to TSM 6.3.
    I am working on a select statement – where I could use your assistance.

    select volume_name from volumes where DEVCLASS_NAME like 'LTO4' order by PCT_UTILIZED

    The output from the statement is:

    VOLUME_NAME: L00855L4

    VOLUME_NAME: L00899L4

    VOLUME_NAME: L00821L4

    I would like to modify the select statement to:
    1. Remove the “VOLUME_NAME:” from the output.
    2. Remove the blank lines from the output
    3. Prefix the data with a string (move data)
    4. Append output with a string (wait=yes)

    As an example I am looking for output that looks like:
    Move data L00855L4 wait=yes
    Move data L00899L4 wait=yes
    Move data L00821L4 wait=yes

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    Suggest you post this in the db2 part of the forum as you are using db2.

    Your situation may be due to TSM rather than db2/sql. When i run similar queries, the output is presented in column form - not with the "header" on each line of output.

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