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    Hey everyone,

    Need some help with a sql statement im making. I need to create a table in oracle 11g db that shows, for example, subjects with their marks, and after the subjects I need a "total marks" column, and then a "percentage" column. I dont know how/when to apply the statement, is it when Im creating the table? or afterwards? or how??


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    This is a db2 forum, but I'm pretty sure that Oracle works the same in this regard. You can create the table with all columns in place, or you can add more columns later on. See the documentation for your Oracle version.

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    I want to Diagnosis of index spoiled from db2 catalog
    How find it ?

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    Why have you posted this again - and this time on an unrelated topic. . .

    Maybe some moderator will remove your duplicate here and my reply. It is only clutter.

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