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    Question Unanswered: Can't get rid of this guy!!

    I am trying to use MS Access 2010 to create a query with conditions to pull employee records from it but the hire date condition is not recognizing that a certain employee is not in the parameters set properly, and so this guy is getting included in the results, every time I run the query??
    The employee is named Stanley Quillian and his hire date is before the set date to search after, but he keeps popping up. I HAVE to filter results by hire date, and I cannot because for no reason, it has become determined that Stanley Quillian will be included regardless of his set hire date....
    This is making me completely disgusted with Microsoft again, and I have used Access for years now. Perhaps, someone here can take a look at the screenshots I attached and tell me if they can see this problem.
    Thanks in advance!!
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    Did you try removing the 760 in the Acode field from the 2nd line of your query?

    That looks to be your problem.

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    First thing I'd do is to copy down his info, Delete the Record and re-enter his info. Individual Records can and do become corrupted, and can cause all kinds of anomalies.

    Linq ;0)>
    Hope this helps!

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    cmays637 is correct you will need to remove 760 from your query.
    Your query will display the records that meet the following criteria display ALL records for Acode 619 if age is > 20 and the hire date is after a certain date OR
    display ALL records for Acode 760 with no criteria for Age or Hiredate.

    The result of your query will display records for Acode 619 or Acode 760 or Acode 619 and 760.

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