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    Trying to find out of Oracle clients (9i & 10g) can be installed on the same machine?

    I currently have Oracle 9i installed on a Windows XP Professional PC (32-bit) but have recently installed an app on it which only works with the 10g client.

    I tried installing the 10g client but the Oracle Home changed. Does the Oracle Home need to be specified to be the same as the Oracle Home set in the 9i client?


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    Many Oracle products can happily coexist on the same computer. Basically, you should install every Oracle product into its own directory (i.e. "Oracle Home"). I suppose you installed Client 10g over Client 9i; maybe you should clean up that mess (uninstall everything, delete directories, possibly registry entries) and start over again.

    You might have certain issues - such as many TNSNAMES.ORA files you need to maintain, but that is easily resolved by setting the TNS_ADMIN environment variable.

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    Thanks for the info.

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