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    Question Benchmarks for Database Performance Monitoring

    Hello, DB Forum.

    Is there a site where I could get some benchmarks for database performance levels?

    I am reviewing a company and currently they have the following levels of performance/capacity thresholds:

    Percent Packet Loss
    Warning Level at 30%
    Error Level at 50%

    Response Time
    Warning Level at 500ms
    Error Level at 1000ms

    Are these acceptable or should these thresholds be lowered?

    Let's just say that the company operates within banking and finance industry and some critical data are being created every second.

    I really need the help.


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    Without knowing a LOT more about what is being measured, there isn't any way I can offer a meaningful analysis. These levels would be questionable within a rack or a data center, but would be reasonable over a slow link to another continent, and would be fine for cellular data in eastern Europe.

    Numbers by themselves mean very little, even with appropriate units of measure. I can't make much sense of the numbers without knowing what you're measuring and how you expect it to behave!

    In theory, theory and practice are identical. In practice, theory and practice are unrelated.

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    Thanks for the interest, Boss Pat.

    I am not really an IT personnel so hopefully the following details would help in you assessment.

    These are the thresholds for the application and database servers (Microsoft SQL) for the company. There are about 30 users for the applications and about 2 to 3 thousand transactions daily.

    The transactions are initiated from two areas within the city about 10 km apart and goes to the servers through lease lines.

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    I understand you're trrying to view end to end performance- but you're initial question refers to database performance levels. Have you beaselined the performance on the SQL Server ?
    Are they OLTP or OLAP queries?
    Can you see any issues?

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    OLTP queries.

    Actually, what I wanted to know was whether there are any Benchmarks or any Industry standards stating any acceptable levels of database performance for financial institutions (e.g. banks) where there are voluminous, critical and very sensitive transactions.

    Currently, the thresholds that they have are the ones in the first post. So the system would warn the company if they have reached the same.

    I am looking into whether these thresholds should be lowered (based from any benchmark) so that they will be triggered at a more timely manner.

    No issues yet. They have procured high-powered equipments so their current percent packet loss is 0% and response time of <1ms.

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