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    Unanswered: Auto Fill in data from a microsoft access table to a microsoft excel table

    I have a master database table in Microsoft Access 2007. I have a formatted schedule done in Microsoft Excel 2007. I need to be able to enter in an employee number that is six digits long in the Excel Schedule and have it automatically fill in the rest of the information (Shift, Role, Phone Number and Office Number) that is associated with that employee in the master database in Microsoft Access. I also need for it to be able to do that if I put in a new employee in my master database. New entries in the master database need to auto fill in the Excel Schedule. I am not good with SQL or anything like that. I tried a query, but it wasn’t working for me. Can anybody provide me the easiest way to do this? I provided example of the two files in a zip folder
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    as you have asked this in both the Access and Excel forums,. which is it to be
    is this an Access issue, ie updating or overwriting an Excel spreadsheet
    An Excewl application pulling data from an Access DB.
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    Sorry, I wasn't quite sure. An excel spreadsheet automatically pulling data from an access database.

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