I have a XML which has length of 90K. This is stored in a table by breaking this XML into 3 parts and stored in 3 rows. Below is the table structure -

Column Name Size
Group_Nm CHAR(15)
Serial_No Integer
Data VARCHAR(32000)

So, when the XML is stored in this table TEST_TBL...3 rows are created as below
Group_Nm Serial_No Data
ABC 1 XML_Part1
ABC 2 XML_Part2
ABC 3 XML_Part3

My Requirement is to concatenate these 3 parts and then run a XMLQuery to locate and fetch values of a field.

I am using the below Query -
where Group_Nm = 'ABC'

When I run this query, concatenation of all 3 XML Parts happen but special characters like '<' & '>' is replaced by '&amp;&lt;' and '&amp;&lt;.'.

Can anyone please help me out a way to preserve these characters while the strings are being concatenated.