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    Unanswered: Problems with logic

    I'm trying to get my head around some database logic. I'm working on a ticketing system and what I need is to have users to be able to create an event, a number of performances and in each performance to be able to select from a list of ticket types to use and set a price. They will also need to be able to create custom ticket types to use this way also. The same database will be used by different people so the lists they choose from and tickets they create will be unique to them (apart from some default types).

    I presume someone will be able to see what I'm missing quickly but I'm at a standstill with this!

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    p.s. Thanks!

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    thats way to wide a topic
    what have you got so far
    what are you struggling with
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    The events / performance parts are straight forward with a table for each linked by the event ID.

    The tickets are a bit more of a mess, at the moment:

    As you can see below, I have two tables (tickets and tprices)
    tickets is used to store the different types of tickets so users can add to the list and include details (limited at the moment but just trying to get this part first)
    tprice is used when creating the event to set which tickets are being used and what price they will be for that event. This is were the logic is flawed as the numbers are currently the ticket id and then the price will go in below using each row for each event linked by the event id.

    Table 1 - tickets

    Table 2 - tprices

    I have also tried adding the ticket id and ticket name into the events table using a json array but 1. not too sure if this is the most logical as it limits use of the info and 2. mysql doesn't store quotes properly so it tends to break if I actually try viewing the database as it then converts the quotes to code.

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