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    Unanswered: Access MDB only opens in Design mode


    I have an Access Database that everyone was able to access last month. I then had an issue where one user was only getting what appears to be design mode, on the same PC she is able to login as another account and the database runs properly. Myself and another tested and we are not able toget it to run either. The user is on an XP machine x32 and I am on Windows 7 x64. there are still some users able to access this with no issue the last I checked. I tried copying the ODBC coinnections from the working user to me but it still opens the same way. Would appreciate any guidance as to what would cause this. The last time it was accessible was 7/30/2012.


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    Some questions about how the app is set up.
    1. What kind of Back End are you using.
    2. Does each user have a copy of the Front End on his/her PC, or is everyone logging on to a single copy of the Front End?
    3. Does "Myself and another tested and we are not able toget it to run either" mean you tested on the errant PC or you cannot get it to run on your own PCs?
    4. What has changed in your databse since the app last functioned correctly?
    5. What has changed in your network since the app last functioned correctly?
    6. How, exactly, is the app supposed to open?
    7. When opening in Design View, can you then run Forms, Reports, etc.?

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    Hope this helps!

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    1. It appears to be a SQL backend
    2. The DB is accessed from a shared network drive, so only one copy
    3. We are not able to get it to run on our own PC's
    4. Nothing that I am aware of
    5. No changes made
    6. It is supposed to open to a login where they enter their id and password and then have access to the DB
    7. We are able to open the tables and the forms but not get them to run

    This DB was created before I arrived and im not sure of all of the configurations so let me know if you need more info.


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