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    Unanswered: Query Analysis other than in Data Studio


    I'm not a DBA by any means though I've spent times in litigation consulting roles where I've had to sift through volumes of data typically inside of MS SQL Server, MySQL, and SQLite typically using SSMS and a variety of visual tools for the latter databases.

    In my current role, I have to sift through information sitting in a build of DB2 ("DB2 for i V6R1"). I was provided only an IP address and credentials.

    I've been able to access the database using IBM Data studio though it's performance and interface for performing ad hoc queries and exporting data seem to leave a lot be to be desired (at least compared to SSMS/navicat).

    As an alternative, I've tried using DB2 Maestro but it doesn't seem to connect.

    --> Can someone please provide some guidance for an effective method of review of information sitting inside such an instance of DB2?

    --> I've also placed a screenshot displaying how I'm connecting and trying to connect to this DB2 instance via both Data Studio and DB2 Maestro -- perhaps someone can provide some guidance as to what I'm doing wrong?
    image link

    --> I also can't seem to find an ODBC driver which connects, at least easily, to such an instance of DB2. Has IBM made such a driver or do their available drivers only seem to work with other types of DB2 installations?

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    IBM Data Studio uses a JDBC driver to connect to the database. In that case no extra software, apart from the JDBC driver itself, is needed.

    DB2 Maestro, as follows from the error message, uses ODBC. To establish an ODBC connection to a DB2 for i instance you need something called DB2 Connect. It acts as a gateway between the ODBC driver and the database.

    In your organization there may already exist a DB2 Connect server, in which case you need its address and port, not the target database. If there isn't a DB2 Connect server, you can obtain and install its Personal Edition (it's not free).

    Alternatively, find a suitable tool that uses JDBC.
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