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    Unanswered: Run Query using a menu

    I have a database that opens using the addmenu macro's so I have a File Menu and so one just like in a normal program. It opens the main form when it loads. How do I run a query and enter the criteria I want and then make it run?
    The query is named qry_find
    I tried using a macro and even a form and I can enter my criteria but no way to make it execute.

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    Sounds like you close. If your excuting the query from the form menu you can either have the query prompt you for the criteria by just using something like [enter date] in the criteria field of your query. Or you enter something like:


    In the criteria field so it looks to the text box on the form for the criteria.

    If I'm way off you can post more detail about what your doing. Either way when the query runs it should look for the criteria. If the criteria is there it will finish if it's not, it'll usaully finish anyways, just wiht the wrong data.

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