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    Unanswered: "Member Already Exists" Error when calling a public sub within a form

    I created a few Public Subs within a form earlier.
    I call them at the OnCurrent event in a tab control.

    I keep getting the following error whenever I change tabs... but when I remove the Call [sub] code, the error disappears.

    "Member already exists in an object module from which this object module derives"
    Public Sub Pending()
        'Set filter for Show All Pending button
        Dim strPending As String
        Dim strVCy As String
        Dim strVCn As String
        strVCy = "[VendorContact] = Yes AND " 'Vendor contact not made
        strVCn = "[VendorContact] = No AND "  'Vendor contact true
        strPending = "[MSNum] Is Null AND " _
                & "[VisibilityFlag] = Yes"
        'Radio button sets vendor contact status
        If Me.opVC = 1 Then
            strPending = strVCy & strPending
            strPending = strVCn & strPending
        End If
        Me!subOrderDS0.Form.Filter = strPending
        Me!subOrderDS0.Form.FilterOn = True
    End Sub
    Public Sub Approvals()
        Dim strApprovals As String
        strApprovals = "[MSNum] Is Not Null"
        Me!subOrderDS1.Form.Filter = strUpcoming
        Me!subOrderDS1.Form.FilterOn = True
    End Sub
    Public Sub Upcoming()
        Dim strUpcoming As String
        strUpcoming = "[MSNum] is NOT null AND " _
                            & "[MSRNum] is NOT NULL AND " _
                            & "[SSPNNum] is NOT NULL AND " _
                            & "[AprHandShake] is NOT NULL AND " _
                            & "([ExpirationDate] - Date() " _
                            & "< 95 OR [ExpirationDate] is null)"
        Me!subOrderDS2.Form.Filter = strUpcoming
        Me!subOrderDS2.Form.FilterOn = True
    End Sub
    Private Sub tbMain_Change()
        Select Case tbMain
            Case 0 'Pending Orders
                Me!subOrderDS0.Form!MSNum.ColumnHidden = True    'Hide MSNum
                Me!subOrderDS0.Form!MSRNum.ColumnHidden = True   'Hide MSRNum
                Me!subOrderDS0.Form!SSPNNum.ColumnHidden = True  'Hide SSPNNum
                Call Pending
            Case 1 'Approvals
                Me!subOrderDS1.Form!MSNum.ColumnHidden = False    'Unhide MSNum
                Me!subOrderDS1.Form!MSRNum.ColumnHidden = False   'Unhide MSRNum
                Me!subOrderDS1.Form!SSPNNum.ColumnHidden = False  'Unhide SSPNNum
                Call Approvals
            Case 2 'Upcoming Orders
                Me!subOrderDS2.Form!MSNum.ColumnHidden = True    'Hide MSNum
                Me!subOrderDS2.Form!MSRNum.ColumnHidden = True   'Hide MSRNum
                Me!subOrderDS2.Form!SSPNNum.ColumnHidden = True  'Hide SSPNNum
                Call Upcoming
        End Select
    End Sub

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    Sounds like you have the same sub or function defined mire than once. Either declare as private or rename.

    If that doesn't clear tbe fault it could be a corruption.
    Take a backup, compact and repair the backup then compile the code
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