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    Unanswered: SQL Type Mismatch

    I have the following SQL statement on a Paradox 7 database:

    SELECT ScrapbookSchedule.KitName,ScrapbookSchedule.Notes,
    ScrapbookSchedule.PostDate, ScrapbookSchedule.DueDate,
    FROM ScrapbookSchedule
    SELECT ScrapbookTeam.Team
    FROM ScrapbookTeam
    ORDER BY ScrapbookSchedule.DueDate

    I get the following error message when the SQL executes:

    "Type mismatch in expression"

    DueDate and PostDate are Date fields and the rest of the fields are alpha fields. The ScrapbookTeam table and ScrapbookSchedule table have a Relational Integrity based on an autoincrement field (TeamSN) in ScrapbookTeam and an integer field in ScrapbookSchedule (TeamSN).

    Why am I getting the error message and what can I do to correct the problem?

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    I can't test it on the machine I'm at, but my guess is the auto-inc and the integer, even tho you're assuming it's not that.. auto-inc fields are a potential disaster, if the table gets damaged.. it is much safer to have a simple "next number" process of your own..
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