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    Question Unanswered: help~cannot start sql server agent

    Hi all,
    Got a big problem. I can start the sql server but not the sql server agent, so the jobs can't be used. Here is the situation.
    I try to start the sql server agent, but got the error msg: The request is failed or the service did not respond in a timely fashion. Consult the event log or other applicable error logs for details.
    So i go to the sql server error log and i find the below error:
    Log in failed for user 'NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM' [clinet: <local machine>].

    I have searched for some tips on internet, and i can see the login user NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM in sql server management studio is public and sysadmin roles.
    and i log on the sql server agent as builtin account: local system

    I have no idea why this goes wrong.
    The pre-situation is that i found a account Administrators (not the Administrator) in the windows server, so i deleted it. (in windows users), i don't know if it matters. Besides that, i didn't do anything to the windows configuration or sql server configuration.
    But the problem here is I am able to start the sql server agent.

    I have attached some snapshot for your reference.

    Thanks in advance!
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    The last error message has a state of 16. This indicates that the database (msdb in this case) was not open. Check to see if the msdb database is in a suspect, or offline state. If it is, you will have to get it back online, or at worst, back from a backup.

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    Thanks, Mcrouley,
    Yes you r right, when i try to login the sql server management studio i get the prompt error msg: the msdb database is in suspect......
    I tried to look into the event log and windows log, figured out the cause was power corrupt.
    Now the problem is i didn't do any backup for msdb :-(
    so any advice to how to get it back online, since i have some jobs running~
    Thanks in advance!

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    How much can be salvaged?

    If there is this outage, how are jobs still running?

    If it was my adventure, i'd consider shutting down the system and at least creating a backup of what is currently "there". There HAS been a backup process setup and tested (tested means it has been restored into an "empty" world and verified as complete)? If there has never been a test of the restore, there is no reason to believe there is a good backup. All that exists is some media with questionable content.

    Once i had the current data backed up (and successfully restored elsewhere if this has never been tested), i would determine how much has been lost and plan on getting back on line. Unnattractive, but it may be nesessary to re-enter/re-process what was lost.

    FWIW - i Never allow a database to be used in any environment until it has been successfully backed up and restored. Then things can be done by whoever.

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    Check this article on some potential remedies for suspect state.
    SQL Server Database SUSPECT state - SQL Server DBA

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