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    Unanswered: Connect to Informix from Unix

    We have a requirement to connect to a Informix db which is running on windows from a unix server.What all configurations/client installations needs to done on the unix server for it to connect?


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    Hi Cherry,

    There are some differences between versions, but for the last IDS version, 11.7 you can look into
    IBM Informix 11.70 information center

    Hope it helps,

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    the main question is 'what is the nature of the unix client' ?
    Is this an informix 4gl application, an esql/c application, ODBC connection?

    In any case, you will need to set the following items to identify the server you are pointing to:
    HOSTNAME=server Hosting The IFMX Instance
    SERVICE=service name for the IFMX tcp connection, or directly port number.

    If you can install for instance the free version of IBM Informix Innovator-C on the unix box, install the whole thing (including open admin tool)
    so you'll be able to use
    * dbaccess to directly query the database
    * use the IFMX ODBC driver on unix which is included in the CSDK
    * also use the database browser in OpenAdmin tool.
    Innovator-C is now available for Windows and Linux, CSDK is available for a wide range of platforms. Both can be found at this place

    Or you can only download the CSDK, which includes the ODBC driver for informix.

    If you give more details on the nature of your unix client, we can focus more accurately on your solution :-)


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