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    Question Unanswered: On Timer - to update subform not working


    I'm not great with writing code but i'm sure that to update a subform in the past i've just put in the on timer property of the subform:

    and then set the time to elapse

    But I tried it this time and it didn't know what me. was!

    So I thought i'll put:

    so that it can find the subform control named clientsubform on the main form frmclient and then requery it... still comes up and says 'can't find the object Forms!frmclient - so now i'm really confused.

    Now, I know I can write a sub against the lost focus on the last field of the client and pop in the requery line but why won't it work on the On timer property as i'm sure i've used this before?

    Can one of you clever experts enlighten me please?
    Thank you.

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    This type of error message generally means that a name in code has been misspelled. Relating to a Subform, the most common cause is that the name of the Form being used as the basis for the Subform is being used, instead of the name of the Subform Control, itself!

    Why, exactly, do you need a Requery of the Subform, in this situation? What exactly is the workflow, here?

    Also, using a Timer event, like this, is usually a bad idea. Timer events are usually considered a last ditch approach to a problem, because they tend to cause unexpected problems, especially with the video, frequently causing things to flash/flicker in a nasty manner.

    Linq ;0)>
    Hope this helps!

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    Hi, thanks for your reply.
    It was just an easy way to show something updating. The subform control is on a tabbed control and is just the result of a query showing some bookings by instructor. I just wanted the list of bookings to update when new bookings are added to the main form or when the main form is changed. What's the recommended method please?

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