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    Unanswered: oninit.exe running high

    I am hoping someone can help me, we have a live database on a server approx around 40 users and the oninit.exe is running at 50% alot of the time, even when only 1 or 2 users is logged in and even at a weekend when no users are logged in. This is not happening on the test server where it sits at 0 with a user logged in.

    Would this suggest there is a problem with the db? or is this acceptable? but why then is it not happening on test server too?

    Hope someone can help.....

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    can you please tell which version of informix, and describe a bit more this server ( cores number, cpu type, RAM )

    Then post your onconfig file

    You can also post results of:
    onstat -g ses
    onstat -g glo
    onstat -g ath

    as a starter.

    oninit.exe is a daemon process, so it is supposed to eat a lot of cpu time, but 50% would be in much more extreme conditions, not with only 40 users...

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