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    Unanswered: Hyperlink

    I have a field set to Hyperlink. This field shows the path to a directory where I keep PDF images.


    g:\pdf\12345.pdf (12345 being the order number)

    On a form, if i type the address "g:\pdf\12345.pdf" into the hyperlink field and then click on it, the PDF Opens.

    I am trying to automate the entering of the path into this field. I do this in my order entry form. When An AUTO number order number is generated, I have code showing:

    hypPath = "g:\pdf\" & OrderNumber & ".pdf"

    This adds the path into the hyperlink field ok.

    When I then click on this link in my form, nothing happens. If I retype the path into the field on the form, then click, it works fine.

    Anyone any ideas?

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    Haven't tried using hyperlinks in Access, so this is a shot in the dark. Have you tried requerying/repainting the form after populating that field?
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    I actually, close the order input form and open a different form to view the hyperlink address. So, yes, I have tried that. Thanks.

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