Devart team is glad to announce that.NET database connectivity solutions (including dotConnect data providers, LinqConnect, and Entity Developer) now support Visual Studio 2012. New versions of dotConnect data providers offer the support for Entity Framework 5.
Now Devart products can be used in the newest version of the Microsoft IDE, targeting Windows 8.
Developers are welcomed to download and try the new releases of Devart products:

dotConnect for Oracle 7.2
dotConnect for MySQL 7.2
dotConnect for PostgreSQL 6.2
dotConnect for Salesforce 1.3
dotConnect for SQLite 4.2
dotConnect for SQL Server 2.60
dotConnect Universal 3.40
LinqConnect 4.1
Entity Developer 4.6

In History section users can view the new features of each product's version.
Users are welcome to give us feedback on the new versions of Devart .NET database connectivity solutions in the forums*or using contact form . Devart Team is always glad to hear users comments and take into account all the development needs.
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