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    Unanswered: Please Help in adding to the query values based on conditions


    I was fighting with this alone, but I need to ask for help.
    The problem:
    I have a query with basic info about the products sold (like product type, market of sales, etc). I need to add to this query the dicounts. Discounts are dependant upon certain criteria - for instance if product type is A and customer is B then x% of discount is given. The info about product type and customer is present in the query. The discount table is as well in the access BUT HOW TO INCORPORATE THE INFO FROM DISCOUNT TABLE INTO THE QUERY?????

    In excel I do this by applying one SUMIFS formula... so easy!!! In access I am not able to do this. Please help!

    I attach the Access DB and excel with example of what and how I am trying to add to AllData query..

    Thanks a lot for any help
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