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    Unanswered: Bar Chart: Display with filtered data

    I have a set of data, and would like to have different bar chart on different category.

    Is there any way to filter the data at bar chart level?

    My report design as below:

    Grouping by DocNo
    For example, 3 rows of group header:
    DocNo:0001 Time:50seconds Category:A
    DocNo:0002 Time:15 seconds Category:A
    DocNo:0003 Time:40 seconds Category:B

    I hide the details section as this is the section to analysis data and display at group header. Category A / B is defined based on the data at details section.

    For first bar chart (y axis=Time, x axis=doc no), I would like to display data with Category A only. But I unable add grouping by category as this is define while report running at details section.

    Any idea how to filter the data (only category A) and display in Bar Chart?

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    no ppl has idea on this.. ?

    I found that bar chart is build based on the data at details section.. how to build bar chart base on group header section..?

    Because i hv to filter out the data at bar chart by group selection:

    Sum ({@value1}, {ID_NO}) > 0.00 and
    Sum ({@value2}, {ID_NO}) = 0.00

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