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    Unanswered: Identify Duplicates And Identify Missing Duplicates


    I am new to access but I am looking to import 2 sets of data in the form of two spreadsheets. I would like compare both to identify duplicates and identify any missing references that dont appear on one of the lists.

    I have Access 2003.

    The first set of data would be a total list of references.

    The second set of data would come in three columns, the first will be references (a random combination of numbers and letters) the second would be Team Name, and 3rd would be Name. As we're using a combination of letters and numbers, I'd format the first row as text.

    A duplicate search would be only used on the second list. If the second reference appears more than once in that list, we would class that as a duplicate. I would need the results to confirm which two teams, and which people had the same reference.

    The other result I would like is for the two lists to be compared against each other, and any that dont appear on the second list to be confirmed.

    Thanks for your help.


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    In Access, there are wizards that can help to create queries performing this kind of searches: Find Duplicates Query Wizard and Find Unmatched Query Wizard. In the Database window, select the Queries tab, then New to create a new query. In the New Query dialog box, select one of the wizards and click OK.
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