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    Question Unanswered: autoclose after time?


    i'm new to the forum. But i hope you can help me.

    THis is my situation:

    I open my database and start with a timer to import my email. that works like a charm. But now i need a funtion that if there is no new email messages that the program will close after 10 seconds.

    But how do i make a delay? and better... how do i make a messagebox that wil countdown 10 seconds (to confirm the shutdown) and if the user doesn't click "no" the program will close.

    I tried serveral thing with the VBScript but every code i put in it gives an error.

    thank you for your help.

    Best regards,

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    Are you using the "Brilliant" database software or did you just post in the top choice?

    You will probably get more useful replies if you describe which OP Sys, which release / fix level, which database software is being used? Which release / fix level.
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    I use Brilliant Database V9 Ultimate.

    The program needs to work in Win XP and Win 7

    I do not know wich release but i downloaded it from there website the last time. i think is it version: 5476

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