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    Is studying for DBA a wise decision now?

    A while back there was alot of hoopla about no-sql and how it was just going to push SQL out of the way.

    That dust has seemingly settled, but what do we really have left? We have alot of Open Frameworks and No-SQL type of systems....but have they really made a dent in learning traditional RDMS's?

    Also what about the career outlook? We still have legacy systems and such in place so we will always need the knowledge for traditional DBA's...but is there any "Real" Replacement in the future? or have No-SQL and our Traditional RDMS's set their place in stone pretty much as a language that will continue on (Much like C has today?)

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    Will DBA jobs and Relational Databases last forever... Not likely.

    Will DBA jobs and Relational Databases outlive you... Almost certainly.

    No-SQL, OODBMS, non-relational databases, etc. have all threatened to de-throne SQL for many years... Someday something might succeed, but I'm not willing to bet on that anytime soon.

    There might always be something that distrupts this kind of prediction (global nuclear war would be one example), but the chances are that as long as people use computers, a sizable proportion of those computers will need a DBA.or someone very much like them.

    In theory, theory and practice are identical. In practice, theory and practice are unrelated.

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