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    Hi Every One -Phatfred (DB needed)

    High everyone. I am a IT student graduating in December. I have spent the last ten years in the Asset protection field and hope to purse a federal law enforcement position in the spring.

    I also have several ideas that I will need to improve my DBM skills to develop. I hope joining this community can assist with this.

    I am novice in DB design, for now, but do pick things up quick.

    Right now I am looking for a Access DB that I can modify for use in a large warehouse to track individuals trespassed from the site. And later possibly adding prior employment details from the many companies that work with in the building. Does anyone know where I can find a DB to start with?


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    Suggest you invest some time searching for database definitions that most closely support the data you want to support.

    For a prototype or small volume data, Access should be ok. If the user populaton grows or the data volume grows, consider upgrading to some other database product.

    If you are going to track info about people (voluntary or involuntary) suggest you look into privacy concerns first.

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