' This program calculates an employee's take-home pay. 
Option Explicit On
Option Strict On
Module Payroll
   Sub Main()
      Dim salary As Double = 950.00
      Dim stateTax As Double = 0.06
      Dim federalTax As Double = 0.25
      Dim numDependents As Integer = 3
      Dim dependentDeduction As Double = 0.02
      Dim totalWithholding As Double = 
      Dim takeHomePay As Double = 

      ' Calculate state tax here

      System.Console.WriteLine("State Tax: $" & stateTax)
      ' Calculate federal tax here 

      System.Console.WriteLine("Federal Tax: $" & federalTax)
      ' Calculate dependant deduction here

      System.Console.WriteLine("Dependents: $" & dependentDeduction)
      ' Calculate total withholding here

      ' Calculate take home pay here

      System.Console.WriteLine("Salary: $" & salary)
      System.Console.WriteLine("Take-Home Pay: $" & takeHomePay)
   End Sub
End Module
This is what it telling me to do:
Calculate state withholding tax at 6.0%, and calculate federal withholding tax at 25.0%.
Calculate dependent deductions at 2.0% of the employee's salary for each dependent.
Calculate total withholding.
Calculate take-home pay as salary minus total withholding plus deductions.

Can you guys check to see if I'm putting number in right. And what code I'm missing to make it work. And please take it easy on me, I'm just learn VB for 3 weeks