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    Unanswered: partitioned database setup:

    Hi all,

    I am new for the Db2 partition, MPP setup:

    In our setup, We have two development servers:
    Installation has been completed for the two servers, by using the response file of 1st server installation has been completed for the second server.

    This is a new set up. The only thing installed is db2 software has been installed.

    Our Hardware stock for both the servers:

    CPU: 1 x Intel Xeon 4-Core X5687 Processors (3.60GHz)
    RAM:32 GB
    Local drive size: 2 x 146 GB
    OS: Red Hat Linux version 5.5

    Setup look is db2inst1 having 4 databases with partition.

    How many partitions i have to make?


    Instance is created for the 1st server only:

    [db2inst1@vrdtisdbhcl01 root]$ db2 connect to SAMPLE

    Database Connection Information

    Database server = DB2/LINUXX8664 9.7.4
    SQL authorization ID = DB2INST1
    Local database alias = SAMPLE

    rlogin to second server:

    [db2inst1@vrdtisdbhcl01 root]$ rlogin -l db2inst1 vrdtisdbhcl02
    Last login: Sat Sep 22 20:59:31 from devdw

    creating the database in 1st server only (-----------------------------------------------)

    But i can't able to connect to the database:

    [db2inst1@vrdtisdbhcl02 ~]$ db2 connect to SAMPLE
    SQL1031N The database directory cannot be found on the indicated file system.

    Where i went wrong?

    Could you please give me the suggestions?


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    You will have to NFS share your db2home directory of the 1st node to make it available on the 2nd node. Thereafter, you will be able to connect.

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