I am working on a migration of an old Sybase web application to a Drupal website. I know nothing about Sybase and I need to get the data into MySQL for my team to look at. There are 450+ tables.

I have the developer version 15 of Sybase ASE installed on my local (Windows) machine. I have remote access to the production database (Ase 12). I can connect to both via Interactive SQL. I can also connect to my local machine via ODBC but not the remote one. This may be an incompatibility in the ODBC driver? Or it might be a charset problem? I can see that the remote database is using iso_1 charset.

* I am still strugging with getting a copy from the remote db to my local machine.
* I was able to generate DDL for the Sybase DB using DDLGen, convert it to mysql format and run it in MySQL to make the same tables on the mysql server.
* I was able to run the DDL to create the same tables on my local Sybase server after learning some sp_adduser commands and so on. Now I am trying to load bcp files into my local server. Still putting out fires with full transaction logs, character sets and device sizes etc.
* I am trying to drop the db and start over. I was using this link: but stuck on not being able to drop tables due to referential constraints.
Trying to use: SET DISABLE_RI_CHECK OFF but that seems to be for Sybase IQ only. Is there something I can use in Sybase ASE?

The goal to run some loops using PHP etc. to select from the Sybase DB and insert into the MySQL DB or some other way of getting the data over to MySQL. I cannot connect to the remote DB via ODBC and the sybase_ct driver doesn't seem to work so my only option right now is PHP or java using ODBC.

Any suggestions? I am willing to use Java, Perl or Visual Basic if I am more likely to be able to get a driver connection.