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    Unanswered: Tricky SQL Question

    I have an Access database for which I'm trying to write a query based on a request from the users.

    I have a table of data related to artwork, with three columns: ArtworkId, DescriptionText, and CalloutNumber. Each piece of artwork can have more than one DescriptionText value.

    What would be a good way to write an SQL query to return, for example, all ArtworkId records having both DescriptionText = "Start Switch" and DescriptionText = "Stop Switch" records?

    ArtworkID / DescriptionText
    123 / Motor
    234 / Fuse
    234 / Start Switch
    456 / Stop Switch
    789 / Start Switch
    789 / Stop Switch
    789 / Light

    Result = ArtworkID 789

    Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    With Artwork being the name of the table, try:
    SELECT a.ArtworkID
    FROM ( SELECT Artwork.ArtworkID
             FROM Artwork
             WHERE (Artwork.DescriptionText="Start Switch")) AS a
         ( SELECT Artwork.ArtworkID
             FROM Artwork
             WHERE (Artwork.DescriptionText="Stop Switch")) AS b
    ON a.ArtworkID = b.ArtworkID
    GROUP BY a.ArtworkID;
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    Have a nice day!

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