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    Unanswered: Relationships Woes

    I have a databse with tblContacts that has two locality fields LocalityResidID and LocalityPostalID both are long integers, they appear to be exactly the same. I have a tblLocalityStatePostCode with LocalityID as the PK and is a long integer and Locality, State and PostCode are text fields. The purpose of this table is to populate text fields in the tblContacts by way of a list box on the frmContacts.

    The problem is I can’t create a one to many relationship on one of the localityID fields, one works the other doesn’t. I have checked all the field properties, they look the same and if I change the order of trying to apply the relationship it still doesn’t work. If I show and second table in the relationship window still no good.

    I can get it to work on a test database but not on the main one I am working on. Can anyone shed some light on the problem?

    Thanks for reading my post.

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    if its working OK on you test db and not your live db then do a detailed comaprison between the two
    don't forget if you are retrospectively applying a foreign key relationship then you need to check that the data complies with the proposed key.

    mind you your design seems odd to me. perhaps you are obfuscarting the design using LocalityResidID and LocalityPostalID. if its a postcode call it a postcode and stop (*^(* about.
    you have a table called
    tblLocalityStatePostCode with LocalityID as the PK and is a long integer and Locality
    leaving aside the naming this seems daft. isn't the postcode by itself sufficiently unique
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