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    Unanswered: Auto Postcode to City

    When going online to many sites and at POS terminals, you enter a postcode (zipcode in US) and it automatically picks up City/State from somewhere. (I assume an internet connection, since storing that much data locally doesn't make sense).
    Has anyone implemented a routine to fill in city/state when a zip is entered in an access db form? Obviously since many zips cover several usable neighborhood or town names, you'd have to be able to overtype the city if needed.
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    I'm aware of developers using the UK PAF in Access applications

    none of them are making use of the daily/weekly updates but some are using monthly or annual updates.

    however it all depends on what you want to do, what budget you've got. the UK PAF file costs from 75 to over 50,000 depending on what you want to do.

    failing that another approach is to build our town/state associations as you go. ie store the post/zipcode + town /state / whatever
    do a query once the code has been entered and offer the user the choices based on the current knowledge
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    I really like that last approach. Most dbs have tables that include city, state, postcode, and, especially if you're dealing with local or regional information, should eventually have all the local zips and city namings. Simply set up the form to tab to the zip field first and then populate city/state from that. (Although with the sometimes wierd hamlet,village,town,city/shire naming conventions in the UK it might be a bit more complicated).
    Great answer (as usual)

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