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    Unanswered: Primary Key in MQT in DB2/Linux


    DB2 v9.7 on Linux.

    I do not see manual saying primary key is not possible on a User Maintained MQT. Yet I am unable to create one. It does not allow it. Has anybody tried it or used PK on MQTs before?

    Thanks in advance!

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    How are you creating the MQT? How are you trying to create the PK? What is the result you are getting?


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    MQT's cannot have unique indexes (which are required for a PK). So make sure you create a non-unique index on the MQT for the same columns as the PK if it is needed for performance reasons.
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    Hi guys, thanks for the response. Marcus, I think we can create unique indexes on MQTs in DB2 luw. Only the primary key constraint can not be created. Although I don't see the book saying so anywhere. In DB2 z/OS though even PK is possible on MQTs. So it is strange that it won't allow PK in LUW. On trying to add a PK or put it in table ddl, it just gives an error like 'xxxx expected' and so on.

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    If you try to create a unique index - you should see the error SQL0159N - sqlstate 42809. Confirming a unique index cannot be created

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