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    Unanswered: with and without delprioritychar

    Hallo everyone,

    I try to understand the use of delprioritychar if we import or load a file. In order to do so, I try to understand the normal import without modifier delprioritychar. I got this db2 standard example:

    "Smith, Joshua",4000,34.98<row delimiter>
    "Vincent,<row delimiter>, is a manager", ...
    ... 4005,44.37<row delimiter>

    It says, if we DO NOT use delprioritychar, the import or load will be resulting in only 2 rows. This is because of the default priority for delimiters:
    record delimiter, character delimiter, column delimiter.

    I tried to understand the mechanic of this "separation" from the data into the resulting 2 rows. Unfortunately, still very confusing. So, please let me start of the first mechanic move for it:

    As said, the priority begins with record delimiter(new line). So, in my understanding, this would mean, that from the above example, it will be look like this:

    "Smith, Joshua",4000,34.98<row delimiter>
    "Vincent,<row delimiter>
    , is a manager", ...... 4005,44.37<row delimiter>

    I would say, I stop here, because, it is definitely false(result should be only 2 rows, here I have already 3 rows).

    Could somebody please give me a hint, how these priorities work?

    Thank you..


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    delprioritychar changes the default priorities.
    "It does not work" is not a valid problem statement.

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    thank you..

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