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    Unanswered: installation on restored os backup


    Oracle Database version: / sparc / 64bit.
    Os Version: Solaris 10 with update 6(or more).

    OS backup (without Oracle binary/software and database) will be taken from existing server.
    The server will be "zoned"(container or may call virtual machine).
    The backup will be restored on the vm; all database related mount point will be there.
    Installation of same Oracle software and creation of test database.

    Before starting oracle installation i am on an OS in which the oracle software was previously installed. But the software files/binaries are not present. I am just putting the software again through installation. Now all the prerequisites are met and oracle project/user/group is already there as os is backed up from previous working setup.

    What should i take care for this installation?
    Is it will be a simple installation just running the runinstaller?
    Please help guys....


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    If the previous directories are present but are empty then it sounds as though Oracle was uninstalled using the Installer. Although this removes Oracle it doesn't do a clean uninstall, in the sense that various components (e.g. empty directories) are left behind. There are lots of posts advising how to do 'clean' uninstalls of Oracle. Although it's not strictly necessary to do a 'clean' uninstall before reinstalling Oracle I would recommend it - your file system will be much tidier & it will be easier for others in the future to see what's happening on the server.
    So, to answer your question - yes, you can just go ahead & run the Installer program, but I would recomnmend that you tidy up your server first.
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